Provincial Rebate Program


Nova Scotia current rebates as of July 2020:

Up to $6,000.00

Prince Edward Island current rebates as of July 2020:

Up to $10,000.00

New Brunswick current rebates as of July 2020:

Up to 0.30/watt.

All rebates are subject to change and dependent on size of project

When you choose our grid tied systems, we are aiming to reduce your provincial power bill to as low as zero dollars per month. While also providing clean, renewable, and most importantly sustainable power for not only your current lifestyle, but also your future lifestyle.

The process:

First: Contact us with the required information asked for on our quote page (don't forget to send us a copy of your 1 year power bill so we can properly evaluate the amount of power you use:

Click Here For Quote Request Form

Second: Once we have a free quote completed for you we will email you with your estimate.

Third: If you are pleased with your quote, contact us via email or by telephone to set up and installation date.

Other steps available: Included in your quote, we will advise you of all available financing options known of in your area, and rebates that apply to your personal situation.


The efficiency lifespan of your system is for 25 years +.

All of our systems are have a manufacture guarantee for up to 10 years.